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Reviews for The Lost Love

“For me, The Lost Love is my journey and dedication of love. I put many years into self-inquiry, research, writing, and producing the book. I can say, it is probably the greatest work I have ever accomplished to date.”
Michael Lanfield

“Michael has touched upon so much that is important. Each of our paths are intersected by challenges that test our abilities and capacities for empathy, compassion, and love. My journey from a cattle farmer to vegan, as Michael well knows, required a lot of work. These changes can have catalysts from outside ourselves but the true change comes from within. Once we make the choice to live better today than we did yesterday our lives change. As The Lost Love alludes to the two main requirements for this transformation is moral imagination and emotional courage. Michael’s book gives us a road map to achieve this, but as with any teacher, he can only lead you to the door…you have to take the next step and travel through.”
Harold Brown, former animal farmer and featured in the film Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home

“In The Lost Love, Michael Lanfield elegantly weaves together all aspects of the case for veganism. As another reviewer said, the book could not come at a more opportune time. Daily we are promised reduced regulations and other attacks against our teetering environment. Michael gives us hope by showing that the single most important thing we can do for the environment, our fellow beings (including humans), and our own health both physical and spiritual is easily within our control. The most moving part of an exceptionally moving book, to my mind, is Michael’s brutal honesty about his own story. He never stands in judgment; rather, he offers an invitation to a richer and more meaningful life. He helps us recognize that living our own best life, our own true heart, finding the lost love, as “deep vegans” will also usher in goodness of everything and everyone around us. It’s an intellectual, analytical, and heartfelt argument that I find completely persuasive. Even if you don’t agree with all of Michael’s assertions, you will certainly find parts that move your mind and heart to think more deeply about your role in the health of the world.”
Pamela Hedrick

Love is the most powerful force in the universe! This book helps us on a journey of understanding how the illusion of believing we are somehow separate from other beings has caused all the pain and suffering we allow in our experience. Connect the dots, put the pieces together and reclaim peace in the universe. It must happen and it is happening! Good read!
Amazon Customer

“I was moved to tears while listening to this audiobook. The Lost Love is a serious wake-up call to humanity. Lanfield concisely outlines how we live in a herding culture: how our treatment of animals is directly related to the brokenness of our hearts, our bodies, our minds, our souls, the environment, and our cultural systems. The author compassionately teaches us that “Love” is the only power that can heal us and how a vegan (ideally, fruitarian) diet is the only clear solution to saving the planet and ourselves. It teaches us that it is only through love that we will understand true compassion and spiritual understanding of the interconnectedness of all life. Compelling, moving, and life-changing. A must read.”
Wendy Haynes, PhD

“Very well written book about the true meaning of love that humanity must return. Love has been mistaken for many different emotions and feelings that are fleeting and conditional. In this book the author goes deep into the human psyche and beyond emotions, to help the reader to awaken to the truth of what love and life are.”
Lena Novak, Lena’s Vegan Living

What is shared in this book is a vital message. It concerns anyone who is interested in world peace, spirituality, and cares about animals, this planet, or their own health. This book is about (but not only about) an innate love for animals that for most of us have probably lost so much of in this current day society. It is sad to see such little interest in a book like this, and such strong interest in so many other matters that are honestly far more trivial. Have our priorities become twisted? We hear depressing stories on the media everyday, but most of these are issues that we can do next to nothing, or nothing about. This subject *is something we can help with enormously, but it is not discussed. Please check out the book, if you can. Read More —>

“This is an excellent book that uncovers the vital link for humanity’s evolution towards a more loving world. Lanfield puts forward many essential ideas for peace, spiritual awakening and love for all human and non-human animals. Written with the greatness of human heart, Lanfield gives an essential foundation for an equally great vision of nurturing all life and the healing of this beautiful world.”
D H Tran

“This little book could not have come at a better time. At the beginning of 2017 when so many people have been disturbed and agitated by, and apprehensive of, recent and ongoing political changes in various countries, amidst news and dire warnings on the climate change front and about the ongoing ecological destruction, we need a serious reminder about where the real solution lies. The solution lies in our consciousness because that is also where these problems originate. Read More —>
Ramkumar Perumal

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