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Michael Lanfield is the #1 Amazon best-selling author of The Interconnectedness of Life and The Journey and also the author of The Lost Love. He is also a vegan educator, filmmaker, and certified World Peace Diet Facilitator. He has been featured on dozens of FM/AM radio stations, podcasts, various websites, magazines, and media outlets, spreading the vegan message to millions of people around the world. Inspired by Dr. Will Tuttle and Mango Wodzak, his talks are informative, inspiring, and interactive.

We Are Interconnected is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 producing best-selling books and documentaries. We Are Interconnected is about spreading unconditional love to the world by producing life-changing books, documentaries, and other media on ethics and spirituality seeking to eliminate violence and suffering throughout the world.

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theinterconnectednessoflifemichaellanfieldThe Interconnectedness of Life (2015)

The Interconnectedness of Life is the first full-length book written by Michael Lanfield with the foreword by Karen Davis, PhD, author and president of United Poultry Concerns. It explores humanity’s transformation fro living by killing into living by loving. If we want to live in a more harmonious, loving and compassionate world amongst animals, the earth and one another, we have to awaken to our true selves and realize the underlying reasons for the many human-made problems, that it is the animal foods on our plates and the solution to the problem which is to live vegan. Until we come to the realization that nonhuman animals are not here for us, but rather here with us, and realize that we need to stop seeing them as property, there will never be peace and love on this earth. If the bloodshed towards innocent creatures prevails – wars, environmental devastation, world hunger, disease, and sickness are inevitable.



The Journey (2016)
The Journey is a short book based on the ideas and teachings of Michael Lanfield, best-selling author of The Interconnectedness of Life and The Lost Love. This book is a gateway to a kinder and more compassionate way of living. We are all on a journey, but wouldn’t it be great if we could all just get along with one another? We can! It starts with each person awakening to love. Why not come on the journey with us? You will be happy that you did. Download the PDF here.





The Lost Love (TBA - 2016)

The Lost Love (2016)
At the core of our being, lies the heart. The heart is what contains human emotion, including love and compassion. Though humanity wants world peace, we can’t seem to live peacefully amongst one another. Religious institutions, schools and educational systems, military and governments have done little to nothing to end the violence. Love is the solution, yet we continue to justify the violence. Why is this? The Lost Love examines why we lost our innate love for all life, and what we can do to reawaken it within us, and cultivate that to the rest of the world.


Rave Reviews!

“Michael has touched upon so much that is important. Each of our paths are intersected by challenges that test our abilities and capacities for empathy, compassion, and love. My journey from a cattle farmer to vegan, as Michael well knows, required a lot of work. These changes can have catalysts from outside ourselves but the true change comes from within. Once we make the choice to live better today than we did yesterday our lives change. As The Lost Love alludes to the two main requirements for this transformation is moral imagination and emotional courage. Michael’s book gives us a road map to achieve this, but as with any teacher, he can only lead you to the door…you have to take the next step and travel through.” Harold Brown, former animal farmer and featured in the film Peaceable Kindom: The Journey Home

“The Interconnectedness of Life articulates in an uplifting and engaging way the many correspondences between vegan living and building a healthier world. Michael Lanfield weaves stories from his personal journey of transformation together with the latest research on nutrition and ecology. To this he adds a judicious selection of wise words from sages of many times and places. The result is a literary banquet that is sure to inspire and guide readers to greater compassion, clarity, health, and understanding. Highly recommended.” – Dr. Will Tuttle, Author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book The World Peace Diet

“Reading the Interconnectedness of Life, you feel as though you are sitting with Michael himself as he opens his heart and tells his story of vegan awakening. In this genuine and heartfelt book, he covers all the reasons why human beings must end the exploitation and killing of animals, if life on earth is to survive. He also offers excellent references for further research. What I love the most about Michael’s work, though, is that he goes to the heart of the solution for us all. He makes it clear that our task “to create peace and heaven on earth” requires the raising of human consciousness to the highest level of unconditional love for all life. This book will help many people become vegan and thus, help bring peace, freedom and love to all beings.” – Judy Carman, MA, Author of Peace to all Beings and The Missing Peace

“Very well written book [The Lost Love] about the true meaning of love that humanity must return. Love has been mistaken for many different emotions and feelings that are fleeting and conditional. In this book the author goes deep into the human psyche and beyond emotions, to help the reader to awaken to the truth of what love and life are.” – Lena Novak, Lena’s Vegan Living

“I was moved to tears while listening to this [The Lost Love] audiobook. The Lost Love is a serious wake-up call to humanity. Lanfield concisely outlines how we live in a herding culture: how our treatment of animals is directly related to the brokenness of our hearts, our bodies, our minds, our souls, the environment, and our cultural systems. The author compassionately teaches us that “Love” is the only power that can heal us and how a vegan (ideally, fruitarian) diet is the only clear solution to saving the planet and ourselves. It teaches us that it is only through love that we will understand true compassion and spiritual understanding of the interconnectedness of all life. Compelling, moving, and life-changing. A must read.” – Wendy Haynes, PhD

“If we as humans are ever to break free from the path of destruction we currently find ourselves on, it is crucial that we as a species embrace the concept of nonviolence. Veganism is a philosophy whose time has come, and in order for us to fulfill our destiny of spiritual evolution, it is one that must be recognized and adopted by every living human on this planet. Michael’s message is clear, love is the glue that connects everything to everything else, and denial of this has led to wide scale suffering for countless animals, planet wide. If we are ever to bring this planet back from the brink of seemingly inevitable despair, we must recognize animals as our brethren and realize we are here to guide and protect them, not to abuse, slaughter and gluttonously devour them, as has sadly been the case since the dawning of recorded history. The Interconnectedness of Life goes far in explaining just why we need to step back and take a look at our relationship with other earthlings, and sheds light on the daily, forced atrocities animals must endure before finally ending butchered, sizzled, and fried on our dinner tables.” – Mango Wodzak, Author of Destination Eden and The Eden Fruitarian Guidebook

“The Interconnectedness of Life, by Michael Lanfield, will strengthen your personal resolve to make brave ethical choices, including a decision to be and remain vegan. Through its intriguing chapters, this book authenticates that vegan means affirmation of all good things that benefit the earth, other animals, and millions of people who are suffering. The Interconnectedness of Life is a treasure trove filled with stories and ideas for growth and joy that stand ready for revelation and affirmative action. If you are already vegan or have friends and family on the verge or in need of a nudge, Michael’s book is for you and for them.” – Karen Davis, PhD, Author and President of United Poultry Concerns

“Complete – If I had to describe The Interconnectedness of Life with one word, that is the one I would choose. Michael has poured his soul into this book, and as an author myself I can attest to the time and effort that it takes to write a quality book. Michael has written a book that covers every facet of veganism. This book goes further than covering just the environmental, health, and ethical reasons for living a vegan lifestyle; in addition to those three well discussed pillars of veganism Michael covers other topics such as the spirituality of veganism, human rights, and even fruitarianism, a section that I particularly enjoyed. Michael breaks veganism down into its simplest form, and covers every aspect you could think of – and some that you didn’t. Not only does this book clearly explain every aspect of veganism, but it ties and connects them together. This book is Interconnectedness.” – Jon Kozak, Raw Food Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer, and Author of Nuts About No Nuts

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