Have you read my books and have further questions or interested in learning more in depth?

Don’t know where to begin?

I am here to help. Though I do on occasion teach and educate others for free, I am no longer able to help as many people with one-on-one consultations due to time constraints.

If you would like private individual dedicated mentoring sessions to learn about the ideas in my books in further detail, please choose any of the following packages below. These are 15, 30, or 60-minute sessions and are facilitated through Skype or WowApp. I delve into topics such as spirituality, ethics and morality, self-help, and meditation. My rates are very reasonable, but I understand if you cannot afford private mentoring, there is a free forum through Facebook where I address people’s questions.

15-Minute Session
$15 CAD



30-Minute Session
$25 CAD



60-Minute Session
$40 CAD