Emilie Cronauer

It is sad to see such little interest in a book like this, and such strong interest in so many other matters that are honestly far more trivial. Have our priorities become twisted? We hear depressing stories on the media everyday, but most of these are issues that we can do next to nothing, or nothing about. This subject *is something we can help with enormously, but it is not discussed. Please check out the book, if you can.

It may be hard to accept for a lot of people and seem like an extreme statement at first, but the reality really is that *if we do not wish to directly support serious animal abuse with our dollar vote, then we would need to choose to live a vegan lifestyle. And yes, this would need to be vegan, not vegetarian only, or supporting local, small scale animal farms rather than factory farms. Products do not magically appear on the shelf. The actions required to make them are directly supported and actually *only possible through the money given by the consumer. So many are deeply deceived into believing that animal based foods and even other animal products can be brought to us humanely, and without such abuse. This is simply not true. This book gives great advice on how anyone can go vegan and stay vegan, and also properly plan out a raw vegan diet if they wish. It is not full of horrific details about slaughterhouses. It is also very easy to understand, and in my opinion, something that many would enjoy reading.

Most people are likely unaware that the #1 demand for oil usage on this planet is actually animal agriculture. This is dramatically higher then the demand from plant based agriculture alone, with the difference between the two being almost incomparable. The oil industry is actually a major impact on social and political instability, and the demand for oil is actually one of the number one influencing factors of war. Besides the direct physical impact of animal agriculture on such issues, we seem to think that we can continue to commit unnecessary and very real violence, and have peace at the same time. We seem to think peace for those who share our own physical form is the only kind of peace that is important enough to focus on, and to continue to violate and abuse other sentient beings when there is no true need, is a welcome energy in a world that strives to move toward eliminating unnecessary harm to others. That is a really a quite unhealthy viewpoint, and actually does not even benefit us. To say the least; animal product consumption is a very significant contributor to Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity and to a slight lesser extent, Cancer, while the health benefits of a well planned vegan diet are enormous and backed with a great deal of peer reviewed medical studies.

So many are unaware of how much of a difference we can all make by adopting a vegan way of living, and how much direct impact on harm to the planet and suffering for other sentient beings we can avoid by doing so. This book is a beautiful message that encourages the healing of our world and of individuals, non violence, and how embracing the truth and holding a greater love and compassion for others can improve our own lives. So many books have talked about world peace and moving towards a kinder way. This book is unique, in that it is clear about not leaving our fellow sentient earthlings out of this goal, and makes the point strongly about how we can help with this. Thank you so much to Michael Lanfield for all that he is doing to help get this message out to the world!!!